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We are fighting against malware, phishing, botnets, and all the other forms of malicious attacks from the day of our establishment and have developed certain measures and technologies to help you protect and prevent against such kinds of threats as much as possible. In addition, we have also collaborated with some security companies, independent experts, law enforcement agencies to ensure stronger security against these threats.

Even though these kinds of threats are indispensable that’s why we have created a Report abuse form to get a solution as soon as possible.

Types of Abuse

Name Description Information required Email
Phishing Phishing is one the most common threats that every website is prone to.
Usually, it consists of a fake page pretending to be a genuine page.
Share the full live page URL [email protected]
Privacy concerns You can Go through privacy policy to resolve verify the privacy concerns
SpamMistrustful or unexpected emails, text or SMS are considered as spam or fraud. Forward the copy of email, text or SMSAbuse report form
MalwareMalware is software that can cause immediate disruption into your computer, server, client or network. Share the live page URLAbuse report form
Copyright complaints Our services, products and even Share the live page URL [email protected]
Account changes We suggest you to read the terms of services that may be causing certain changes Share the live page URL [email protected]
Content complaints Note: our services do not allow you to post abusive content such as child pornography disturbing adult content or any illicit content.
And if you find it on your website due to any reason that is not involved you must immediately report to our support team or it can lead to your account termination.
Share the Live page URLAbuse report form
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