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Reliable Offshore VPS virtual servers for Professionals, We offer Instant Setup, Untraceable Footprints and full Data Protection So that you can host all your applications.

*Worry-free – 14 Days Money Back

Offshore VPS Hosting

Choose Offshore VPS server configuration that suits you

Get unbeatable performance with our Best & Cheap offshore VPS Hosting Servers without paying any extra bucks!
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Why choose QloudHost as your Offshore VPS provider?

Boost your website performance with world-class Best Offshore hosting DMCA Ignored servers and guaranteed performance.

Fastest SSD Servers

Get Super-fast performance with blazing fast Nvme SSD drive storage! Our service comes with guaranteed quality that’s why we use industry-standard equipment to run our servers.

Cheap DMCA Ignored Hosting

Hosted in Netherlands

We have chosen the best data centers in Netherlands to ensure full privacy and security for your website on the internet. It is especially for allowing you to bypass all the biased country specific restrictions!

Cheap DMCA Ignored Hosting

14 Days Money Back

We understand the value of your hard-earned money! Get full assurance with a 14-day money-back guarantee. And no questions will be asked!

Cheap DMCA Ignored Hosting

Full Technical Specifications

From professional business to enterprise, we’ve got you covered!

Available Operating Systems

Work with your desired Operating system without any errors!

Cheap DMCA Ignored Hosting
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Your Privacy is Our Priority!

Your Privacy is Our Priority!

We Understand the value of your privacy and fundamental rights that’s why we enable you to make your online presence with untraceable footprints and impenetrable security. 

In addition, we provide you services based on Anonymous offshore hosting that let you be anonymous on the internet and guard your data against being tracked

So what are you waiting for? Get your offshore hosting today and protect your data privacy with industry-standard security! 

Super Performing Enterprise-Grade Hardware

No matter! How heavy is your website. Experience lightning-fast performance with NVMe SSD storage and the most powerful hardware technology! Along with that, you will get multi-layered security to prevent any unauthorized access to your website. 

Our servers are equipped with a multi-threaded core processor that makes any type of website compatible with the servers. 

Enterprise-Grade Hardware

What You Get with Your Offshore VPS Server

Looking for some good reasons to choose QloudHost? Here’s the reason of our confidence. 
Privacy Protection

100% Privacy Protection

Get impenetrable security and full data privacy with QloudHost offshore hosting servers. Sounds quite an affirmative statement, Right? But that’s true because we minimize our customer’s visibility to make your footprints untraceable on the internet.

Cheap DMCA Ignore plans

Fair & Affordable

QloudHost provides you the most affordable DMCA Ignored VPS plans to run your offshore hosting servers because we understand the value of your hard-earned money. Our plans are focused on providing you with well-balanced features to exclude unnecessary things and decrease the cost.

Full Root Access

Full Root Access

Get root level control to your server to customize it according to your needs and requirements. Isn’t it amazing? But how will this feature benefit your website? Simple, with root access, you are allowed to create, modify, customize or delete files of your website without seeking our permission.


99.9% uptime guaranteed.

Our first priority is to provide you services with quality that’s why our all plans come with a guaranteed uptime of 99.9%. So let your website into our safe hands and we will ensure the availability of your website on the internet.

Free Website Migration

Free Website Migration

Had a really bad experience with your previous service provider? Don’t worry! We have built a dedicated team of technical experts to migrate your website to quality services without causing any data loss.

Daily Backup

Weekly Backup

QloudHost has created a smart data backup feature to make your website’s data safer and more secure. But how? Simple, For Shared Hosting, we provide alternate day backup for 7 Days. (Included free) Whereas for VPS, Weekly backup available (1 Snapshot per week), will charge extra.

What Sets QloudHost Offshore VPS Hosting Apart?

  • Benefit from our DMCA ignored Offshore data centers, boasting cutting-edge infrastructure and high-speed, top-quality networks for an unparalleled hosting experience.

  • QloudHost presents a host of valuable features coupled with rapid loading times, ensuring optimal performance for your online endeavors.

  • Experience the Unbeatable speed and performance, with all the essential features at your fingertips.

  • Optimize costs and enhance user experience by hosting your Cheap offshore VPS where your customers are located.

  • Free up your time to focus on business management while we handle the intricacies of server management

  • Explore tailored solutions for unique requirements with our range of special plans.

  • Thanks to our Anti-DDoS Protected offshore Hosting servers, our network is protected and Secure, ensuring the safety of your data.

  • At QloudHost, we prioritize customer privacy and uphold their right to express themselves freely, offering absolute anonymity.
Cheap DMCA Ignored Hosting

What QloudHost Customer Says?

We are loved by marketers, agencies, tube, small business site owners and many more.
Our customers’ testimonials are the best social proof we can get!

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I changed my hosting 2 days ago due to International payment problem from India. I need a Offshore vps and the plus point I can pay them through upi. First I was nervous because they don't have much information about them on internet ...
Hefri Tri
Hefri Tri
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although a bit hesitant but they really worked hard to get my website back online, and I'm happy with the customer support they provide..
Emily Zalecka
Emily Zalecka
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I was looking for anonymous hosting at attractive prices, and Google gave me such a great result in the form of qloudhost. Of course, before creating an account with them, I also looked at other offers, but they turned out to be the most attractive...
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I just started using them, and all i can say now is they're awesome. Most especially their support are always online on livechat to help you out. So they're very responsive and friendly with customers. I recommend them and...
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The most important thing is the support and Qloudhost does it really good! They find the way to solve any of my issues and do it very politely and promptly.
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Its wonderful, prices are aslo awesome.


Got a question? Well, here’s the answer.

What is offshore VPS Hosting?

Offshore VPS is a special type of virtual private servers that is located outside of your country’s jurisdiction. This means that your data and your server are both physically and legally outside of your country’s control.

What is the cost for an offshore VPS Hosting?

Unlike the other service providers, our focus is on both quality and affordability because we understand the value of your money. That’s why our Cheap offshore hosting plans start with just $18.99/month, making it the most Cheapest Offshore VPS Hosting in the market.

Will I be able to upgrade my offshore VPS Server?

Yes, We provide you with resilient VPS hosting offshore plans which allow you to upgrade your server resources anytime with just a few clicks. In addition, you can also upgrade your plans to get optimum performance and blazing fast loading speed.

I bought your offshore VPS Hosting, when will they be activated?

QloudHost Offshore Linux and Offshore Windows VPS provides you with an instant setup means that your servers will be ready to use right after you finish the purchase.

What are the benefits of Offshore VPS hosting?

Offshore VPS hosting is becoming increasingly popular for those looking for a reliable and secure hosting solution. By hosting a website or application on a virtual private server located outside of their country of residence, users can benefit from enhanced security, better performance, and greater flexibility. See the benefits of Offshore VPS Hosting Servers and decide for yourself if it’s the right call for you. https://qloudhost.com/blog/benefits-of-dmca-ignored-hosting/

Can I get full admin access to my offshore VPS Hosting Server?

Definitely, our offshore VPS hosting servers come with full root access, which provides you with the ability to customize your files and resources as per your needs. In addition, you can also create, modify, upgrade or delete your website with just a few clicks.

Start your online journey with Best Cheap Offshore VPS Hosting Servers Company today!