Fair Usage Policy

Our primary goal is to protect your privacy and maintain your freedom of speech, with an expectation that the customers will respect our dignity by not violating our Terms of Service and all the policies. QloudHost reserves the right to modify all the policies that relate to our products and services. The use of products and services means that the customer agrees with all the terms, conditions and policies, which will not be violated in any case.

Our fair usage policy restricts you to the following activities:

  1. Adult content involving real violence.
  2. Any content that includes violence on animals ( any creatures )
  3. Child pornography
  4. Any explicit content that involves underage nudity.

Other than the adult website, we restrict the following activities:

  1. Ponzi scheme based websites
  2. Scamming websites
  3. Pharmaceutical websites without an appropriate license
  4. Mass mailing websites
  5. Phishing websites
  6. Proxy or reverse websites
  7. Illegal product-containing websites
  8. Botnet controllers or involved websites
  9. Sites containing any malicious links
  10. DDoS attack-abled websites
  11. Trojan-containing websites
  12. Malicious Script containers
  13. Any act of terrorism via a website
  14. Vulnerability scanners
  15. SIP scanners
  16. Any forex related websites
  17. Sales, distribution or promotion of pirated products
  18. Password guessing bots, tools or any kind of generators
  19. Any activity that led to your IP block
  20. IP spoofing tools containers
  21. Any other activities that violates our any policy

Usage of our services means the customer agrees to all the points mentioned in all the policies and QloudHost will be not liable in any case if the customer has used our services without carefully reading our policies. 

If the customer violates any of the either above mentioned points or any point mentioned in the other policies then it will be considered as illegal and can directly cause account/service termination.